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It is time to start your school's equity journey! This 4-year, whole-school certification program prepares leaders, teachers, and students to lead the work of educational justice and equity in your local school community.

Ready Set Go.png

What is race? What is culture? Why do they matter? This foundational series starts educators' learning about race through both historical and modern-day lenses.

3 sessions

(75 minutes each)

Inside Out.png

Ready to transform your school? It starts on the inside. This series explores personal identity and the role we play in achieving equity and excellence in education.

Four sessions

(75 minutes each) 

Teach Well.png

What do great teachers do? What do they know? What do they believe? In this series, we share dig into  essential knowledge, mindsets, and practices for excellent instruction and exemplary learning for all.

5 sessions

(1-2 hours each)

Lead Well.png

Don't just lead. Lead well. This series focuses on 6 essential leadership practices and beliefs to lead for equity and excellence.

8 hours

(1 or 2 sessions)


Talking about race doesn't have to be scary! In this session, we teach skills and strategies for facilitating and engaging in healthy dialogue about race.

75 minutes

Everyday equity.png

Is your school a place where all students thrive? In this session, we share 10 questions to help you examine and change inequity in your school.

(1 hour and 2 hour options)

Learn 2 Lead.png

Students are not the leaders of tomorrow. They are the leaders of today. This interactive student series encourages, empowers, and equips students to become effective leaders in school and in society right now.

2 sessions 

(3 hours) 

Make School Magical Again.png

What if students and staff loved school? What if school was magical again? This session helps educators restore the joy and wonder in learning.

(1 or 2 hour options)