"Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another." ~John F. Kennedy

In education, leaders are first learners. We offer inspiring, insightful, transformational sessions designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for effective social justice school leadership and resources to advance educational excellence for all students.

  • Culture 101 | Understanding the concepts of race, culture, and ethnicity; understanding and overcoming bias; understanding and growing in cultural competence 

  • Culture MattersAddressing, understanding, and respecting today’s cultural Issues and the implications on the campus and the classroom

  • Becoming a Social Justice School LeaderExploring the concept of social justice in the context of school leadership and student achievement; understanding and developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for effective social justice school leadership

  • Let’s Talk About Race: Facilitating Healthy Critical Race Dialogue With Your TeamInside out - the importance of starting with internal conversations first; introduction to the Courageous Conversations About Race Protocols; avoiding and recovering from common “race talk” landmines

  • Leadership for LearningThe what, when, and who of effective leadership styles for student achievement; understanding instructional, transformational, distributive, and transactional leadership styles


“This was an incredibly reflective and eye-opening training that did not focus on tasks to implement in the classroom, but a mindset with which to approach this year.”

“One of the best in-services I've attended in 28 years of teaching.”

“Sharla, thank you for such an informative training on understanding culture in the classroom. I will do my part as an educator to build the relationships needed to foster a climate of peace and understanding. Thank you again and I hope to attend more of your workshops.”

“The instructor was excellent! Knowledgeable and engaging! I loved the energy our instructor brought to the classroom and the nature of this class! It was very applicable and I enjoyed being a part of this class.”

learning for district & campus leaders