Dr. Sharla Horton-Williams & Dr. Toni Harrison-Kelly



Organizational well-being is a focus for many non-profits and businesses today.  Healthy, successful, and resilient organizations are profitable organizations.  Adopting and valuing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives is a critical step toward achieving optimal organizational health. 


Horton-Kelly Company is an equity firm providing consulting services and training to businesses and organizations. We work in two distinct phases over a period of time to help you identify and actualize your organizational diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) goals. Dr. Sharla Horton-Williams and Dr. Toni Harrison-Kelly are experienced equity practitioners and adult learning facilitators. From serving as thought partners around starting your DEIB work to delivering dynamic, meaningful training for your team, we offer a range of solutions for your organization. To date, we have provided professional learning to nearly 10,000 participants representing more than 100 schools and organizations across the nation. HKCo helps you protect your greatest asset. Your people.

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"Just a big THANK YOU for spending your time with us and delivering the truth."

"This was so helpful and supportive of getting me to try even in the face of my guilt and fear of making a mistake."

"Thank you for helping us see the value in everyone feeling valued."

"What a dynamic and inspiring presentation!"

"Best training I have ever been to. What an amazing speaker!"

"I could listen to you speak all day and never get tired. Thank you for your passion!"

"Thank you!! Your presence and words are so refreshing and validating."

"I've been to a LOT of DEI trainings over the years in a lot of different places. You approach and presentation of the material is by FAR the most thoughtful and impactful of them all."

"Thank you for this engaging workshop and important work!"

"Thank you for everything. I love the way the presenters shared about their personal  reflections and created space for others to share."

"Thank you. I have attended several trainings on racial equity and this is the first one that positively acknowledges that we all have our unique experiences that shape who we are and how we can use those experiences to connect with others and make them feel welcome as opposed to the negatives associated with systemic racism and microagressions. The discussion gives me things I can actually do.'