"Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another." ~John F. Kennedy

“Thank you for all the time you provided for personal reflection. It’s really beneficial when the presenter enables participants to truly engage in the material rather than lecturing.”

learning for teachers & teacher leaders

The role of classroom teachers in student achievement cannot be overemphasized. We offer thoughtful, inspiring, research-based sessions designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for effective teaching for social justice. We create school-specific professional learning series to help your school advance your equity goals. Session topics may include:

  • Culture 101 | Understanding the concepts of race, culture, and ethnicity; understanding and overcoming bias; understanding and growing in cultural competence 

  • Culture Matters | Addressing, understanding, and respecting today’s cultural Issues and the implications on the campus and the classroom

  • Becoming a Social Justice Teacher | Exploring the concept of social justice in the context of classroom instruction and management; understanding and developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for becoming an effective social justice teacher

  • Rigor, Relevance, and Realities in the Classroom | Understanding the relationship between rigor, relevance, and students’ realities and lived experiences; developing a whole student-every student approach to instructional design, delivery, and assessment

  • Best Instructional Practices for Closing the Achievement Gap and Accelerating Learning for All | Exploring the achievement gap and classroom factors that promote gaps in performance; evidence-based practices for instruction and classroom management to accelerate student learning and close the opportunity-achievement gap

  • NEW! C4: Community Circles for Classroom Culture | Designing and implementing age- and student-centered community circles to build strong classroom culture and accelerate learning

what participants say

“This woman is an amazing speaker. This training should be required for ALL teachers in our district. This could and should be an all day course.” 

“This is the best training I have attended in my 16 years with Crowley ISD. This training puts into practice all the things we are encouraged to do in theory.”

“The instructor was excellent! Knowledgeable and engaging! I loved the energy our instructor brought to the classroom and the nature of this class! It was very applicable and I enjoyed being a part of this class.”