I recently discovered School Leadership for Social Justice I have been impressed with their commitment to excellence and their expertise in the field of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in schools. They provide customized education-specific racial consciousness and cultural competence training to help teachers and school leaders grow and provide exemplary instruction for students. Their approach to this work is personal, sensitive, thoughtful, and incredibly inspiring.


I believe that our school could benefit greatly from learning more I highly recommend contacting Toni and Sharla to set up a meeting to explore ways you might partner with SLSJ to help us better serve our students.

Please check out the School Leadership for Social Justice website at Feel free to email Toni directly at or give her a call at 817-938-9728 for more information and to set up a brief consultation at no cost.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to us all learning from SLSJ.

“This was an incredibly reflective and eye-opening training that did not focus on tasks to implement in the classroom, but a mindset with which to approach this year.”

“The instructor was excellent! Knowledgeable and engaging! I loved the energy our instructor brought to the classroom and the nature of this class! It was very applicable and I enjoyed being a part of this class.”


“Thank you for such an informative training on understanding culture in the classroom. I will do my part as an educator to build the relationships needed to foster a climate of peace and understanding. Thank you again and I hope to attend more of your workshops.”

“One of the best in-services I've attended in 28 years of teaching.”