As illustrated in the SLSJ Domain Triangle (c), we believe that beliefs drive behaviors and changes in outcomes only come from changes in behavior. Therefore, our work is centered on developing the beliefs, knowledge, and behaviors that promote social justice in schools. This happens through an ongoing transformative process of critically examining our beliefs, values, and practices.

We offer training for educators that is highly informative, inspiring, and impactful. Unlike other firms, our recommended approach is not a "one and done" training for teachers; instead, we come alongside your team of teachers and leaders to facilitate this work in a deeply personal and meaningful way with an approach customized to the needs of your organization. We combine highly effective pedagogies in adult learning with best practices in DEIBAJ (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, anti-racism, and justice) to change beliefs and behaviors, and therefore, student outcomes. 

The opportunity-achievement gap remains a chronic issue in PK-12 education. Since the 1990s, Black students have routinely underperformed white and Asian students by double-digit percentages on standardized tests. This gap, though, is not merely an instructional issue; it is a matter of social justice.

All students deserve a high-quality education. Researchers agree that the two key factors in student achievement are principal quality and teacher quality. Intentionally developing school leaders and teachers for social justice in education leads to more equitable opportunities and improved outcomes for historically underserved students.

Our vision is simple: To achieve a just society through a just education. We want an exemplary education for every student - and every means every.